ABA-M367 is a 2 head, volumetric, pneumatically controlled filling machine designed for a C1D1 (Class 1 Division 1) area. Pneumatic filling machines provide enormous benefits for equipment operating in hazardous areas. While not widely used today due to advances in electronic technologies, pneumatic machines are still an integral part of many fill environments and are the perfect lower cost solution for hazardous areas requiring explosion proof machinery.

This machine features a swing frame for easy flushing, priming, and cleaning. These height adjustable fill heads can also be pushed around to face the rear of the machine and positioned over a tank. This allows the operator to then cycle a cleaning solution through the system over the top of a tank, or to prime the machine with product. Our swing frame design makes for a cleaner machine overall which consequently elongates the life of the parts and equipment. 

The ABA-80 pumps are 1 gallon double acting piston pumps with gravity check valves. They are built with high quality stainless steel and Teflon parts and feature a 6 position selector turret for simple volume changeover. 

ABA-M367 - Top Fill, Pneumatic, Volumetric Filling Machine C1D1


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