ABA-M364 is a fully automatic, volumetric filling machine with pneumatic controls. Although pneumatic machines don't have the functionality and diagnostic feedback of electrical machinery, they do have an important place in fill environments due to their simplicity, speed, and easy convertability to an explosion proof design. 

This machine is a dual head with a swing frame design. The benefit of our swing frame design is easy cleaning, priming, and flushing of the system. In order to achieve this, the operator simply pushes the fill heads around to the rear of the machine and positions them over a flush tank, then pushes the flush pushbutton on the pendant arm, and allow the system to cycle through until it is sufficiently cleaned or primed.


 ABA-M364 - top fill, pneumatic, volumetric filling machine


This machine showcases our 1 gallon double acting volumetric piston pumps, the ABA-80's. These pumps feature our gravity check valves, meaning that the force of the liquid itself is what seats and unseats the check valves. All of our pumps are built with stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and cast end caps, tees, and elbows. The pumps also have quick release clamps for ease of maintenance. All the pumps we offer are double acting, meaning that they have liquid on both sides of the piston. This design means that all of the parts receive less wear and the lifespan and efficiency of the pumps is vastly increased.