ABA-M363 is a net weight, top fill, liquid filling machine designed for a C1D2 (Class 1, Division 2) explosion proof area featuring 6 fill heads. This machine has a host of unique and custom designed features to help make it a more efficient and cost-saving unit.

The 6 fill lanes on this machine can be used in any combination, providing a versatile and dynamic system with which to get a high throughput. The z-frame (push across) conveyor is also designed with productivity and profitability in mind. The design is such that there are 6 containers waiting behind the fill lanes so that as soon as the 6 containers under the fill heads have been filled with product and pushed forward, the 6 empty containers are pushed into place and 6 more are pre-loaded behind them. This system keeps a constant flow of containers moving into and out of the fill area.

As the filled containers are conveyed away from the fill area, they pass beneath our high speed lid dropper unit, ABA-LDHS which is outfitted with a downstacker chute for additional lid capacity. The standard capacity of these units is a 24" hopper, but the downstacker provides an additional 72" capacity. Our lid droppers come with starwheels to perfectly align the lids on the containers prior to them going beneath the press.The lid dropper drops a lid onto the filled containers as they are moved underneath it and then the lids are pressed on by our 1 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR (our LDHS's are not stand-alone units and must always be mounted to one of our roller lid press units). Our 1 gallon lid press features 19 rollers to firmly press on lids and can accomodate anything from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon containers. Like all of our lid presses, a crank handle located on one corner of the unit makes for simple height adjustment, and the sprockets and chains are covered by a stainless steel sheet metal cover.

ABA-M363 Top Fill, Net Weight C1D2 Liquid Filling Machine


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