ABA-M358 is a top fill, net weight filling machine. This dual head machine features a stainless steel gravity feed tank to supply product to the fill heads.

For lidding, this machine has our a semi-automatic lid chute to place lids and our 5 gallon roller lid press to firmly press lids onto the containers.

  • Our lid chute, ABA-PLCR-CHUTE, is a semi-automatic lidding option for larger sized containers. This is the perfect middle ground between manual placement of lids and our fully automatic 5 gallon lid placer, ABA-LPHSC-5. The stainless steel chute can hold a number of pre-loaded lids (in this case 6) which are then pulled from the chute by the motive force of the containers as they pass beneath it. Adjustable paddles can accomodate different sizes and shapes of lids.
  • Our 5 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-5NAR, features 32 gradually declining steel rollers to press lids onto containers. The press is height adjustable using a crank handle on one corner of the unit, and the bearings and chains associated with this are safely covered by a stainless steel sheet metal cover.


ABA-M358 - top fill, net weight filling machine


 This machine features our ABA-COV-85AF cone style fill heads. These fill heads have a 2" S-line inlet, a 2.875" outlet, and  a 4" S-line flush connector. The flush connector allows an operator to hook a hose to the fill head for a cleaner and more efficient way to flush the system.