ABA-M355 is our latest electronic volumetric filling machine. This machine is a dual head and features our popular swing  frame design which allows for easy priming and flushing of the the fill heads.

In addition, this machine features an optional nitrogen purge on both the fill heads and the lid dropper. The nitrogen purge on the fill heads puts the air in prior to the fill cycle beginning, so it is already in the container when the liquid is added. On the other side, the lid dropper also has a nitrogen purge which adds air to the container just before it is lidded, so the nitrogen remains right on the surface of the liquid and is rapidly closed into the container.

A rotary infeed table, lid dropper with extended lid hopper, and roller lid press round out the features on this liquid filling machine. 

  • Our 60" diameter rotary infeed table, ABA-RT-60-IN, has a plated circular feed table (which can be optionally supplied as stainless steel) and container alignment paddles to ensure containers are fed onto the conveyor one at a time. Container contact points are covered with Teflon runners to prevent marking or damage. Rotary tables allow operators to pre-load a large number of containers and keep a continuous supply of containers running through the machine, increasing throughput, speed, and overall efficiency.
  • ABA's high speed lid dropper, ABA-LDHS, is designed to drop metal and plastic lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon sizes. These units are not stand-alone, but are mounted to our roller lid presses. The lids are dropped onto the containers as they pass beneath the dropper, and starwheels help to ensure the lids are properly aligned before they travel beneath the roller lid press. Size changeover is quick and easy using ratchet handles on the unit, and these droppers achieve speeds of 60+ lids per minute. The standard vertical hopper has a 24" capacity, but the downstacker included on this machine adds an additional 72" of lid capacity.
  • The ABA-PRESS-1NAR is a non-powered roller lid press designed for pressing lids on half pint through 1 gallon containers. As with all of the lid presses we supply, this unit is height adjustable using the crank handle on one corner of the press, and the sprockets and chains are safely covered with a stainless steel sheet metal guard.


ABA-M355 - Dual head, top fill, volumetric filling machine