ABA's crimp stations ABA-CRIMP-1PS-1NA are designed to be interchangeable for either a crimp head for metal pails or a press plate for plastic pails. ABA-M347 is 4 units with both crimp heads and press plates. ABA-M347 Crimp unit ABA-M347 Press unit

These manual units are provided on casters so that they may be positioned where needed, and changeover between press plates and crimp heads is quick and easy. These machines are easily height adjustable using a handle located on the top of the unit. For safety reasons, these machines require that the operator press both buttons at the same time in order for the crimp to function. Similarly, the buttons must both stay pushed for the duration of the press or crimp. The crimp heads are all specifically designed to match our customers lids, based on customer samples sent in during the design phase.