Our 5 gallon high speed lid placer, ABA-M343, was designed as an add on to an existing machine, but has its own intrinsically safe controls and an intrinsically safe mouse. The existing machine was made for a C1D1 explosion proof area, so the lid placer had to be up to those standards as well. The independent controls on this unit mean that it could be moved to another machine, fill line, or area of the pland and still operate. Our very popular intrinsically safe mouse makes navigating the HMI quick and efficient.

This machine will place both plastic and metal lids of varying sizes, shapes, and diameters and various height containers. The design of the lid placer mimics our roller lid presses for the height adjustment which is achieved through a crank handle with chain and bearings (all safely covered by a stainless steel sheet metal cover). Adjustable release paddles allow for different shaped lids to be placed.

This unit also features in-feed linestops to automatically space containers and automatic lid priming keeps the lid chute full and ready for the next container. Low lid stack notifications warn the operator that lids need to be replenished, and the placer automatically stops when it is out of lids.


ABA-M343 5 Gallon Lid Placer for C1D1 Area