ABA's latest volumetric machine, ABA-M342, is a 2 head, top fill filling machine with 1 gallon pumps and swing frame. 

Our ABA-80 volumetric piston pumps are extremely popular, and for good reason! Like all of the pumps we make, they are double acting, crafted from high quality parts, are easy to use and maintain, and produce fast, accurate results. When referring to a pump being "double acting" what we mean is that there is always product on both sides of the piston. This protects the parts of the pump from unnecessary wear which increases the lifespan of the parts and the pump as a whole. This is also the more efficient and accurate way to pump and produces faster results. The wetted parts on all of our pumps are made from stainless steel and Teflon and all pumps feature cast tees, elbows, and end caps. A 6 position selector turret allows for simple volume changeover, and cleaning and maintenance is a breeze with quick release clamps. 

Another popular feature on this machine is our swing frame design. With the two fill heads mounted using swivel joints, an operator simply needs to push the fill heads to the back of the machine over a tank, and using the HMI, initiate a flush cycle. This easy procedure reduces waste, mess, and time spent cleaning or priming the system.


 ABA-M342 top fill, volumetric 2 head machine with swing frame


Check out the video below which highlights setup and changeover procedures for this machine.