ABA-M340 is a top fill, dual head, volumetric filling machine with one gallon pumps. This machine has swing frame heads to allow for easy flushing and priming as well as a lid dropper and roller lid press. 

 Our 1 gallon double acting volumetric piston pumps with gravity check valves, ABA-80, feature on this machine. Like all of the pumps we offer at ABA, these are constructed using high quality stainless steel and Teflon wetted parts and cast end caps, tees, and elbows. All of our pumps are also double acting, as we believe these to be far superior to single acting pumps. Double acting means that product is always on both sides of the piston, increasing the lifespan of the pump and all of the component parts by decreasing unnecessary wear. 

M340 2 head, volumetric filling machine

 The swing frame design on this machine is a very popular option on dual head fillers. The idea is such that the fill heads can be pushed towards the back of the machine (they are on swivel joints) until they are hanging over a product tank or other recepticle. Then, the operator initiates a flush cycle using the HMI on the pendant arm, and the pumps will continually cycle product, cleaner, or water through the system until it is properly cleaned or primed. This is a much cleaner system and prevents major spills and messes.

 Our LDHS lid dropper unit is designed for dropping lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon. These are not stand-alone units and must be mounted to a roller lid press. The lid droppers are easily size adjustable using ratchet handles on the unit and do not require additional tooling, rendering size changeovers very simple. The standard hopper has a 24 inch lid capacity and we also offer a downstacker which provides an additional 72 inches of capacity. The lid droppers are also supplied with starwheels which are designed to correctly align the lids before the container passes beneath the lid press.



Lastly, this machine features our 1 gallon roller lid press, ABA-PRESS-1NAR. This press has 19 steel rollers to firmly press lids on and is height adjustable using a crank handle on one corner of the unit. The sprockets and chains associated with the height adjustment are safely covered with a stainless steel sheet metal cover. The 1 gallon press is designed for pressing on plastic and metal lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon containers.