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  • Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 4:30pm EST

Working With ABA

Your initial contact will be with a member of our sales team, more often than not, directly with Anthony Barber. We find out your needs and, working closely with the engineering group, we put together a proposal and conceptual model.  This process often has much iteration prior to arriving at the final acceptable proposal.

Once you place an order with ABA, you can be sure that your project is in good hands.  We take you through a multi-step process to ensure that the equipment ordered meets and exceeds your expectations.

The engineering group will create a detailed 3D model of your machinery and send you an approval drawing.  If satisfactory, you sign-off on the approval drawing and your machine is added to the current production schedule.

From this point forward, your project manager will keep you updated on the progress of the project and work directly with you on any issues and questions that may arise.

When the equipment is completed, you will be invited to visit our facility for a customer factory acceptance test (FAT); at this time you can view your machine in operation, check the specifications and receive training on the operation of the equipment.

Once approved, the equipment will be crated and shipped to your facility.  We will provide experienced technicians to assist with installation and training as required.

Every customer is assigned a login to the ABA Customer Center for access to machine BOM’s (bills of materials), manuals and machine and part order history. Every individual part of your machine, down to the nuts, bolts and washers, has a part number with thumbnail and full size photo in the on-line manual, making parts identification very simple.