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Anthony Barber

Anthony Barber

Owner & President

Anthony Barber, President and Owner of Anthony Barber Associates, Ltd, (ABA) emigrated to the United States in 1987 from England, where he had worked for Neumo, Ltd, a British based manufacturer of liquid filling machines. Anthony established ABA in Chicago in 1991 and moved his family and the business to Charlotte, NC in April 2011. Over the years, the company has transformed into to a family business, as all four of his children are working at ABA.



Kirsty Gaus

Kirsty Gaus

Marketing Manager

Having worked at ABA for many years in a number of roles, Kirsty transitioned to a part time schedule after the birth of her first child in August 2016. As marketing manager, she is in charge of our website, videos, photos, and manuals, and is loving her new roles both at home and at ABA.



Christine 2020

Christine Barber

Office Manager

Over the years, Christine has played a number of roles at ABA and has settled into Office Manager as the best fit.




Russell Gentry

Mechanical Designer

Russell has been working for ABA since 2012, first as our lead machine assembly technician, managing the rest of our assembly team, and now as a mechanical designer working to design our custom machines. Prior to moving to Charlotte, Russell worked as a supervisor in a large company in Illinois.




Gregory Barber

Service Manager

After working primarily as a machine assembly technician, Greg recently took on the role of service manager and runs FATS, does machine installs and service trips, and programs and troubleshoots machines.



Chris Forklift

Christopher Barber

Machine Assembly Technician

After both working part time at ABA for years, Chris has finished school and has taken on a full time role as a machine assembly technician.




Ashley Rapp

Machine Assembly Technician and Parts Manager

Ashley joined us part time while in school as a machine assembly technician and has since taken on the role of parts manager as well.