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The ABA-PRESS-1NAR is a standard 1 gallon Non-powered Automatic Roller lid press unit for pressing lids on half pint through 1 gallon containers.


The ABA-PRESS-5GALL-P is a powered lid press unit.


 The ABA-PRESS-5NAR is a standard 5 gallon Non-powered Automatic Roller lid press unit for pressing lids on pint through 6 gallon pails.


The ABA-PRESS-5PS is a 5 gallon Pneumatic Semi-Automatic pressPlate lid press unit that can press 1-5 gallon plastic lids.

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Lid Press

ABA’s range of roller lid presses contain a series of progressively declining stainless steel rollers which gradually press the lids down onto the containers as they travel beneath it. Anti-tip out-feed ends are positioned at the end of our presses to ensure that the containers exit upright and in the correct position. The anti-tip ends also have the option to check that the container has a lid in place in order to prevent spills.