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The ABA-COV-100 is a cone style fill head which is designed to fill pint cans.


The ABA-COV-100F is a cone style fill head, with an additional flush attachment, which is designed to fill pint cans.

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Cone Style Fill Heads for Liquid Filling Machines

Many of the world's largest and most prestigious companies have replaced their existing capillary fill heads with ABA’s original cone style fill head. Our top of the line cone style heads are designed to fill a wide variety of products with varying viscosities and have rendered outstanding results across the board.

Cone Style Fill Head Features

ABA’s large selection of cone style fill heads accommodates every industry and a wide range of products. They eliminate the stringing problems associated with capillary tube style heads and provide a clean cut off when they snap closed. We supply fill heads in many diameters, with either 2 or 3 inch dairy style inlet connections, and with available flush attachments. The flush attachments provide a quick connector for attaching hoses to run cleaning solvents through the fill heads.

The opening on the cone style fill head can be quickly and easily adjusted anywhere from fully closed to a full one inch opening using the adjustable stroke air cylinder.

Cone Style Fill Heads Models

Some of the models we carry are:

ABA-COV-100 designed for filling pint cans. 2 inch S-line inlet, 1.1 inch diameter outlet

ABA-COV-100F (F indicates flush attachment)

ABA-COV-85 2 inch S-line inlet and 3.32 inch outlet

ABA-COV-85BO - 2 inch S-line inlet features air shear or NO2 blanket technology

For over 26 years, our innovative and high-quality cone style fill heads are part of what has made ABA a leader in filling machines and equipment. The industry’s biggest names recognize ABA as the supplier of the best fill heads on the market and frequently replace competitors fill heads and/or capillary heads with our own. Contact or visit us for any questions, advice, or assistance in obtaining a cone style fill head to suit your needs.