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ABA-CRIMP-1EA-1C is a single stage electronic crimper which is mounted on a continuously running conveyor.


The ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1C is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Automatic 1 head crimper unit which is mounted to a Continuously running conveyor.


 The ABA-CRIMP-1PA-1I is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Automatic 1 head crimper unit which is mounted to an Indexing conveyor. 


The ABA-CRIMP-1PS-1NA is a single (1) stage Pneumatic Semi-Automatic 1 head stand-alone crimper unit which crimps 3-5 gallon metal lids.


 The ABA-LDHS lid dropper unit is a high speed lid dropper for metal and plastic lids which mounts to all ABA lid press units and can drop lids from 1/2 pint through 1 gallon.


 The ABA-LPHSC-5 is a 5 gallon plastic and metal lid placer with a chute based design.


 The ABA-LPHSC-V is a 5 gallon plastic or metal lid placer with a stack, lift, and load assembly and an escapement chute.


The ABA-PLCR-CHUTE is a semi-automatic lid placer chute for both plastic and metal lids.


The ABA-PRESS-1NAR is a standard 1 gallon Non-powered Automatic Roller lid press unit for pressing lids on half pint through 1 gallon containers.

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ABA equipment is manufactured using only the highest quality components. Every piece of equipment built is custom designed to meet the requirements of our customers.


Filling Machines

Our liquid filling machines are designed to fill liquids into rigid containers from half-pint cans through 5 gallon pails.  Machines are available in top fill, bottom fill with diving lances, or dual mode configuration. Whether you're filling by weight or by volume, we have an entire selection to choose from. ABA offers options for explosion proof areas to meet C1D1 and C1D2 standards. Our equipment is designed with quick size changeover and accuracy in mind.  We partner with our customers to design the best liquid filling machine for their application.


Closing and Lidding

We design and build machines for placing lids and closing lids for most sizes of containers we fill. We can place round lids, square lids and rectangular lids made out of both metal and plastic.  We can also provide orientation systems for those applications that require lid openings to be aligned with container handles for easy pouring.  Lid presses are used for plastic lids and metal lids and crimping systems are used for metal lids and containers. From single stations to high speed multi stations, we can create the solutions to meet your needs.


Volumetric Pumps

ABA designs and builds reliable double acting volumetric piston pumps. No dry sides means all components have a longer life, and quick breakdown makes maintenance a simple task. The volumetric pumps are available in both one and five gallon versions.


Fill Heads

ABA offers 3 different style fill heads: cone style, diving lance style, and direct flow.

Our cone style fill heads have been used with great success for thick and thin products, from stains to high viscosity latex paints. They eliminate the stringing problem associated with capillary tube styles. Our diving lance fill heads are specifically for bottom filling and are most frequently used for foaming or static prone products. Our direct flow fill heads are designed to top fill into restricted opening containers such as those with screw caps. 



From rotary in-feed and collation tables to liquid top-off solutions, we have a selection of accessories to complement your filling machine or production lines.